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Connected Cars

Q: Which cars does Keemut connect with?

A: Currently we are compatible with the following manufacturers:

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Ford
  • GM products (GMC, Chevy, Buick)
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • MINI
  • Toyota

You can see more here.

Q: What data can you get from my car?

A: It depends on the manufacturer, but in general we can get the following fields:

  • location
  • fuel / energy history
  • MPG
  • ability to lock/unlock

Q: Do you resell my data?

A: We have created a way to sell your data but unlike others, you control if you want to sell it and what data to sell and even if you want to sell it.

The data is sold in Keemut Reports where you as the car owner have access to them. Anyone else who wants the data can purchase it. We keep a small portion of the proceeds, but the majority of the fees go to you.

To see your Keemut Report, you can go to your Settings and view, publish, unpublish the report as well as decide on what data to share.


Q: What security measures do you take?

A: We have multiple 3rd party security products that we use to continuously look for vulnerabilities, attacks, and injection attempts. In addition to this we do not store any credit card or 3rd party password information.

We also encrypt much of the security data and even we cannot see this information.

We will be adding 2FA by the time this is live and that is one of the options you can opt into via the Settings page.

Q: Do you save my OEM credentials?

A: No, we use tokens which authenticate vs your vehicle's information with the car manufacturer.

Q: How do I know my data is secure?

A: We use some of the leading cloud companies for our database layer and they have their own security layer on top of which we add additional features. Some of the features  that we use include account encryption, as well as using multiple database providers for different levels of security.

For example, your maintenance logbook is in one database, whereas your connected car database is in another language, and database with 2FA authentication.

Q: What other security measures do you take?

You can see more of what we are doing in our Security page that covers a few more areas, and you can email us at for our Security Policy.


Q: How do you connect with Tesla?

A: We don't save your credentials, rather when you connect your vehicle, we ask you for either your Tesla credentials to get a token from Tesla. This is what we save. This lets us ping the Tesla server to get data about your car.

Q: How do I disconnect my Tesla from Keemut?

A:  When you change your Tesla password, even temporarily it will reset your token and we will not be able to communicate with Tesla.

Q: What parameters do you capture for Teslas?

A: We get the following data:

  • trip details
  • battery details
  • charging details
  • command details like lock/unlock, window up/down
  • unit settings, vehicle data (vin, nickname, etc)
  • and more which we disregard if its not needed

Q: My trip data does not look smooth on the map, why?

A: Our telematics engine captures data in minimal frequencies and we use both Snap-to-Road and other techniques but without pinging Tesla vehicles more often we cannot get a smoother trip gradient.