How Long Does It Take To Charge a Tesla Model S?

Depending on the types of chargers you use, your battery life can last longer. We look into what types of chargers Tesla Model S owners use.

We looked at some recent charge data, about 100,000 charge events, and broke it down by the different charge levels (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3):

Charge Level - Which charger type is commonly used? Is it a home Level 1 charger, a Level 2 charger, or a Level 3 charger

Charge Speed - How long does it take to add miles to a car in the units of miles per hour (mph)

Charge Time - On average, how long is a vehicle plugged in during a charge, regardless of the amount of energy added

Tesla Model S

What Type of Charger is Used by Tesla Model S users?

Tesla Model S users are by far using home chargers. The breakdown is 12% use the Level 1 charger, 66% use a Level 2 charger, and 22% of the charges are done on a Level 3 charger.

How Quickly Can I Add Miles to My Charge?

Electric vehicles have different speeds at which they recharge. If the battery is low, the charge rate is much higher, and as your Tesla is near full completion to the target State of Charge (SoC), the charge rate gets slower.

The average speed of charge below is across all battery levels. For example, if you plugged your car into a Level 1 charger for one hour, it would add 8 miles of range. If your Tesla connected into a Level 2, it would add 28 miles in one hour.

How Long Does It Take To Charge?

The average charge for the slow chargers like the Level 1 would take more time than a Level 2 or Level 3. How much? A Level 1 would add 8 miles for one hour of charge time. For the average 424 minutes of charge time, this comes out to 56 miles added per charge.

The average Model S spends 127 minutes charging on a Level 2 charger, and at a 28 mph average, this comes to 59 miles added per charge.

On a Level 3 (all types), a Tesla charges for only 26 minutes and adds 94 miles to its range.

Get More Accurate Data For your Tesla

If you want to get more accurate data, you can connect your Tesla Model S with Keemut and get the data directly from the vehicle. We have worked with Tesla in detail in both the United States and Europe to comply with their requirements. In addition, if you use your Tesla for business purposes, we can create a business account with Tesla. Contact us to learn more.