Keemut x Nexon EV FAQs

1. Where can I get the Keemut App from ?

Keemut Is available on ios, android and web

2. Which Tata vehicles are supported?

Only Tata Nexon EV is currently supported.

3. What are the username and pin it's asking for?

The username is generally your phone number (with +91) and the pin is generally a 4 digit numerical code that you use to log into ZConnect.

4. Are my ZConnect Credentials Stored by Keemut?

No, We don't store your username or password. We receive a Access Token from Tata Servers to poll data on the user's behalf.

5. Do I have to purchase any external hardware for connecting with Keemut?

No extra hardware is required as we rely on a 'software' connection with the Tata servers to get your vehicle's data.

6. What is the cost of Keemut?

The app is free-to-use but there is a premium subscription tier at ₹99/mo or ₹999/yr which unlocks access to certain premium only features. You can still connect your Nexon EV and use the Keemut for free but you will have access to limited features.

7. Does Keemut Solve the 'Sync' Issue

No as we rely on the Tata Servers for getting the data.

8. Does Keemut have proper security measures in place?

Yes, you can learn more about our security practices here

9. What features are currently provided for Nexon EVs?

Features like, Trip Tracking, Charging Tracking and Daily Summary reports are currently provided with many more currently in development!

10. I found a bug, what do I do?

Feel free to reach out to us at

11. How often does Keemut get data from tata servers?

We get data every 1 minute whenever the car is driving or charging.

12. Does connecting with Keemut void my Tata warranty?

No, connecting with Keemut will not void your Tata warranty

13. Why do my trips and charging history show up delayed in the app?

As we don't process the data in realtime, All the vehicle data is processed in batches and as such there may be some delay in the trip finishing and it showing up in the app.

14. Does Keemut Provide Charge Tracking?

Yes, we track your vehicle's charging history. You can provide customised energy rates based on your geographical location to customise this.

15. Does Keemut Show the exact Trip route?

Yes, unlike the ZConnect App, our trip tracking algorithm can show the exact route taken during a trip.

If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us at