This is How One Tesla Owner Got $2,000 More For His Model 3

Recently a Tesla Model 3 owner was looking to sell his car with less than 19,000 miles on it and was getting offers in the low $30's. These offers were almost 13% lower than what Keemut was predicting the value for the car through the free valuation tool.

He was going to sell his car to a dealership for $30,500 and we were showing the value to be $29,000 - $36,000 (higher than MSRP due to potential options). By connecting his car with the Keemut platform, he was able to get a more accurate value of $33,200 - $34,136.

Battery Health Data

By connecting with Keemut, he was able to prove to buyers that the car's battery was in great condition, with over 98% of the battery life intact, and evidence that he kept the State of Charge (SoC) to be less than 95% which is the red zone for charging. Note: Keemut has additional data on the speed of charging which we take into account in the valuation, but do not share in the report.

Transparency in Selling

Other facts that helped clear some of the fog of selling with buyers and sellers was the ability to show how the car was driven and maintained. Stats like the speed the car was driven at, the amount of time the car was parked, and history during Covid lockdowns helped increase the offer to buy the car.

How Did He Sell It For More?

By showing that his car's condition was better than average, he was able to get other buyers to quickly scoop up his car at the high end of the Keemut value, and over $2,000 higher than his initial selling price which he was going to take.

Don't Wait Until You Have To Sell

Keemut offers many tools for car owners to track their car's history, including trips, battery life (for electric cars), odometer, and more. You can sign up today at no cost and test drive the platform.