What Is Keemut?

We made Keemut based on buying and selling of cars over 15 years and seeing many problems. The main issue is that the car buyers only know what the seller tells you or a mechanic.

Carfax Has Not Changed Since the 1980s

Carfax is synonymous with used car purchasing. The problem is that the data is not from the car, rather from public sources. This was the best solution for the time, but as cars become smart, connected,

Connected Cars Can Automate Vehicle Condition

We have patented and have more patents in the works where we can automatically predict the condition of a connected car based on how it's driven. For example, if your electric vehicle battery is in bad condition, your car is worth less.

For a gas vehicle, let's say your fuel economy drops over six months, we can show this and tell the car owner to fix the issue. From the time of the prediction until the time of repair, we can see the responsiveness of repairs, or how much care is given.

Connected Cars + Keemut = Self-Driving Reports

Carfax focuses on public data whereas Keemut focuses on private data. Private data means data from the car that the car owner shares when connected with Keemut.

This gives the car buyer a full story of the vehicle, from its driving, engine/battery, utilization, and more. By automatically getting this data there is no way for the car driver to modify the data, and Keemut automatically runs it through its algorithms to compare the car vs. others and prices it out accordingly.

What's in it for Me as a Car Owner?

Car owners have gotten more money for their vehicle by showing that their car's condition is actually what they state it is. Furthermore, Keemut reports are sold and the car owner can keep up to $37/report.

What's in it for the Car Buyer?

Car buyers can get a more deep dive report on the car they want to buy. When investing $20,000+ for a used car, spending $50 for a report is a small price to get the level of detail you can get.

We Are Here To Change The Used Car Industry

With car owners, we can create the next generation of used car reports. Learn more by signing up at keemut.com