Which F-150 Model Holds Its Value over 5 Years?

You Lose on Average $8/day in Depreciation.

Find Out Which Model Loses the Least

As truck owners look at the 2021 F-150 and look to see which trim will be the best for them, we wanted to see how the different trim levels held up in value over the past five years.
Options like bed size, powertrain, drivetrain, aside, we looked at just the trims and compared them for annual depreciation. Using the Keemut AI engine we then added the different options to get a better idea of what is the ideal selection choice for keeping the highest value over time.

This data consisted of analyzing over 125,000 F-150s that were for sale in 2020, with a sample size of a minimum of 100 for each Make, Model, year, trim. Some of the trim levels were available for the past five years and those were removed, Raptor, Roush, and STX.

The range of 5-year depreciation is between -32% and -39%, with the Platinum being the best value. The most popular, XLT keeps its value primarily due to its demand. What is surprising is that the Platinum has retained its value over time, but other premium vehicles don't have this type of sustainability.

Note, that due to Covid-19, the used vehicle market has been strong and depreciation is less in 2020 than previous years, but in general the F-150 is one of the better trucks to own for its value.

Average Depreciation Ford F-150 King Ranch Ford F-150 Platinum Ford F-150 Lariat Ford F-150 XLT Ford F-150 XL
5 Year Depreciation, % -39% -32% -35% -33% -39%
Average Monthly Depreciation, Low $290 $290 $175 $170 $208
Average Monthly Depreciation, High $310 $306 $200 $210 $257
MSRP 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Ford F-150 XL, Low Range $26,330 $26,840 $27,410 $28,005 $30,462 $31,368
Ford F-150 XL, High Range $36,055 $36,565 $37,610 $37,555 $40,100 $38,795
Ford F-150 XLT, Low Range $31,625 $32,210 $32,785 $33,600 $35,630 $36,883
Ford F-150 XLT, High Range $40,050 $40,635 $41,235 $42,055 $43,571 $45,137
Ford F-150 Lariat, Low Range $39,610 $40,635 $41,165 $41,815 $42,500 $43,550
Ford F-150 Lariat, High Range $45,090 $45,845 $46,645 $47,300 $48,505 $49,035
Ford F-150 King Ranch, Low $49,240 $50,350 $51,380 $52,032 $53,290 $53,082
Ford F-150 King Ranch, High $52,545 $53,475 $54,505 $55,355 $55,815 $56,415
Ford F-150 Platinum $55,090 $55,940 $57,060 $57,910 $58,545 $58,895
Ford F-150 Limited N/A $62,310 $63,625 $64,785 $70,560 $67,735
Ford F-150 Trim Depreciation

How To Keep the Value High

There are two key segments of the Ford F-150 buyer that keeps demand high - the XLT and the Platinum owners. As XL owners move up to XLT, the same trend is happening where F-150 owners looking for a good value buy used Platinum models.

Anyone looking to buy a used F-150 would look for more details than just the average price, and value over time. They would be interested in knowing the specific vehicle's fuel economy, condition, and how it was maintained.

Many Ford owners track these items, either on paper and pen, storing receipts, or using tools like Keemut to track all the information in one place. This information increases the value of a truck by thousands.